US Online America Group - They simply used false advertising!

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U.S.Online America Group!

They tell you it will cost so much money to start your buisness! Then when they have your payment from your credit card confirmed, they tell you, you have to buy other sites as well or your initial purchase will not bring in any money! The initial payment was in the hundreds of dollars and I could not afford the second payment! If I would have known it would have cost me the second amount, I would not have got involved!

This is blatant false advertising!They lure you in, hook,line, and sinker,gone!

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I just got a phone call from one of these guys.When I told him I was not interested he started this line about, "Why did you sign up to start an online business then." I told him I didn't and he kept pestering me, and told me if I didn't want to then to just get off his phone.

I told him he called me and he can get off my phone.The best part is, he gets paid for the number of people he signs up for this scam, and while he is talking to my phone, which is currently sitting on my desk with no one listening to it, he's not getting paid, and his companies phone bill is increasing.

I don't think they'll be calling me again.


these us online america people keep calling here.... very aggressive and annoying.

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